business coaching for service industry individuals to entrepreneurs

Have you ever wanted to start your own business? 

Are you sick of the owner you work for and want to open your own place? 

Have anyone ever said "I didn't know you were still a bartender..." to you?

The 1st step is to book a call. Let's make this real!


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A low risk transition: Service Industry -> Entrepreneur


Why I help the service industry


I bartended for over a decade and loved almost every minute of it. I was making money, having fun and working less that 25 hours per week. But most of all, I loved it because it allowed me time to do anything I wanted... and I wanted to start my own business. Over a long and painful road, I finally reached one of my top goals... to have my business acquired. Now I want to coach service industry individuals how to make that transition, but without the 10 years of mistakes I made. The best time to try is now!

Why service industry individuals have the tools to become an entrepreneur:

1. They have access to quick money

2. They have the time 

3. They have great sales skills

4.  They have resources/connections in the community

5. They have a real understanding of people

I know how it feels to not know how to get started. That's why I'm here to help.


The road ahead

Starting a business isn't just about having an idea and jumping in. Trust me, I did that with my first 3 businesses and lost a lot of money and time. I'm going to help you build a solid foundation and create a well thought out plan before you dump your time, life savings, or an investors money into this project. If you don't want to put in the work to create a plan, go ahead and start your business like I did.... then call me in 10 years when you want to become profitable. (That's how long I waited to actually get my shit together.)


Why should I trust this guy? My building blocks

My journey has been strewn with many learning experiences, and I wouldn't change one second of it. 

-Worked in restaurants from ages 14-21

-Started bartending (age 21)  2002 

-Started competitive flair bartending at 2003

-Opened up Flairbourne school of Bartending 2005

-Started DList Magazine 2007

-Placed 3rd in the world Tandem at Legends 2008 X

-Started Sound Chemists DJ Agency 2008

-Consulted Pnk UltraLounge 2010

-Started DOPE Magazine 2011

-Opened Foundation Nightclub 2012

-Stopped bartending

-Opened Radiator Whiskey 2013 (GM)

-Started coaching High School Football 2015

-Started Coaching the books 2017 (Business coaching)

-Sold DOPE Magazine 2018

-Started Glass House dating app 2019

-CMO of CiRide (Seattle ride-share) 2019

-Opening Lady Jaye restaurant (summer 2019)



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Get to know who I am as a coach, my Ideal Clients and why I decided to start business coaching.


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Lets keep things simple. We tend to overcomplicate things in business. We need to figure out WHY you are doing what you do, then build the PLAYBOOK around it. Success is a grind, but it doesn't matter how hard you grind if you have no goal in mind. 

Coaching the Books

Seattle, WA.



Subscribe TODAY and receive a FREE "How to start my OWN business in 16 steps" eBook!