business coaching for service industry individuals to entrepreneurs

The 8 Week Program

Do you truly understand your business? This program was created by and ENTREPRENEUR to help ENTREPRENEURS become UNSTUCK and scale their business. 

Take control and reach your goals!

After the course you will receive:

Business Playbook


The 8 weeks are developed to focus on the core mission of the business to bring clarity and direction.

24 Month Financial Projection


Throughout our weekly discussions I will be personally creating a 2-year financial projection for you business. 

Cash Flow Statement


I will teach you how to operate and understand your personalized Cash Flow Statement.

The 8 week program details


Not your typical business school program

This program is for entrepreneurs CREATED by and entrepreneur.  The purpose of the program is to give entrepreneurs confidence in running and scaling their business. 

The 8 weeks will cover:

Purpose & Direction

Goals & Expectations

Entrepreneurial Finance

Identifying Ideal Clients



Company Culture


What you will walk away with

1. Clarity and Direction

2. 24 month Financial projection created SPECIFICALLY for your business

3. Cash Flow Statement created SPECIFICALLY for your business

4. Business Playbook created SPECIFICALLY for your business

Cost: $2,999